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Property Management


While it is possible to rent out your property on your own or through a broker for a flat fee, it is not in any way similar to the property management service that Sitril offers.

For starters, regardless of the plan that you choose, our services are tailored to maximize your rental income along with the added benefits of being managed by a professional team.

This is true especially if you are an NRI or temporarily out of town due to work/family related obligations and you need a professional team to manage your property in your absence, without having to depend on friends or family.

Please visit our dedicated {property management } page to understand the plans and feel free to reach out to our team for any questions.

We, at Sitril , believe that maintaining a property proactively is a part of a successful property management strategy. We hire and retain multi-skilled experts and specialists in every aspect of property renovation & maintenance including but not limited to painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical work, special equipment related services , interior decoration and all aspects of traditional construction.

When you are a part of the Sitril family, you get a transparent evaluation of what is needed to maintain your property in pristine condition along with free consultation & supervision of the work that would be performed on your premises in your absence. Also, we stand by our work and will provide a 1 year warranty for replacements and 3 months warranty for repairs.

If you are not currently not part of the Sitril family, but would like to avail this service, please contact our Renovation services team and we will be glad to work out an estimate for you.


Rest assured, all estimates will be shared with you in good faith and you will be charged only the actuals after mutual agreement.


Renovation Services


Real Estate Investment


Investing in real estate need not be a “Park your Money” strategy. It is possible to obtain a considerable return on one’s investment in a calculated time frame if proper guidance is provided. Lack of this specific guidance and a reliable service to handle the associated activities are the two main reasons why most people hesitate to venture into the Indian Real estate market. This is especially true for Nonresidential Indians who are unable to take advantage of the lucrative Indian real estate market, primarily due to the unavailability of a reliable service that can handle the complex processes on their behalf.

We, at Sitril , pride ourselves for our understanding of the Indian real estate market and be able to handle the needs of our clients proactively. With our team of legal experts, market analysts and field executives, we provide a variety of real estate investment services. Please contact our Real estate investment experts to understand how we can help with your investment needs.

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